My kid speaks softly. How do i get her to project her voice?

First, it's important to establish why your child is speaking quietly: is it due to a physical reason, such as having a weak vocal cords or a naturally quiet voice; a social reason, such as nervousness; or her personality, which may be naturally quiet and reserved.
Help her overcome the problem with these tips:
1. Develop a love of books and enjoying reading aloud every day. practice character voices - some loud, some soft. have fun recording the reading and listening back to it together.
2. Show her how to lift up her chin slightly when she talks, so her voice doesn't disappear into her chest. 
3. Expose her to social situations where she can interact with others and practice using her voice.
4. Play with a set of telephones made from empty tin cans. This makes voice projection fun.
5. Enrol your child for speech and drama classes, where specific voice projection and confidence building are the programme's key focus.
6. Never compare or shame her in front of others - this will only make the problem worse.

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