"One of the best parenting resources for teaching grit and growth mindset to young kids" - The Big G Mindset e-Book (PDF Printable)

"One of the best parenting resources for teaching grit and growth mindset to young kids" - The Big G Mindset e-Book (PDF Printable)

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Do you believe people who are great are born with gifts and talents? No, at Grit-Mindset, we believe that with the right start in life our children have the same chance to succeed.

We want our children to

  • develop ability to be enterprising, resourceful, innovate and persevere in a range of challenges.
  • develop ability to think critically while making ethically sound and well-substantiated decisions in real-world contexts.
  • develop confidence in presenting and collaborating with others.

To attain the above, our children need to develop characteristics of grit and optimism (in this sense, good cheer). They also need to have a growth mindset and a grateful attitude.

This Big G Mindset e-Book introduces and cultivates children values that are critical for success in life. The book explains values to children in a manner that is easy to understand. There are quotes that will inspire them, and can remember easily and practice throughout their lives. Simple activities to reinforce the values in them which will help them to succeed in life.

Get this meaningful 34-page e-book to add to your library of resources. There is never too many books to teach and cultivate good values in your child that will ensure their success in the future.

Also with a limited time only, you can get a complimentary e-book on calming strategies for Resilient Kids.


Note: Suitable for 3 to 10 years old; for younger kids who aren't reading yet, parents can use this as an activity book with the kids.



"I've practiced the resilience kit with my two kids and have seen improvements in their behaviors. They are more responsible and understand there are consequences of their actions or non-actions as a result of their decisions. I'm very happy" - Kate, New Jersey


"Motherhood has been an exciting yet challenging experience. I'm always on the lookout for resources to help in my parenting journey. This kit is very useful and engaging. Good bonding activity with my 4-year-old son." - Amber, Boston


A Little Bit More:
Hi, I'm Shan. The Big G Mindset handy booklet was built out of love for my two children.
As parents, we want our kids to be happy and achieve great success in life. We want to help them fully develop their innate potential.We strongly believe and advocate “successful individuals are just ordinary people with extraordinary habits and values”.

Learning is largely self-directed process, requiring the children to possess both motivation to learn, and the commitment to take steps to improve. We want to instil good characters building and inspire children to have a larger vision in their life.
We have prepared this handy booklet with you with the great hope that it will positively impact your children’s lives too.

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