Our Story

Our story began when our baby boy arrived in 2012. He was a pre-term baby weighing merely 5lbs (which is about 2.3kg). Despite his small size, he grew up well over the years.


(in true honesty, he is the kindest kids I have encountered throughout my life, even till now).


When he was 3 years old, he showed a lack of proper social skills (but he has an higher than average IQ displayed strongly by his ability to learn and understand concepts very quickly), I started to worry. I knew being academic inclined will not bring success to him because there are other factors that are more important.


We had a chat with his daycare centre teacher and came to know that there are books that teach about social skills. We went to the library, picked up the books and start reading to him.


At the same time, we came to know of Paul Tough’s How children succeed and much later about Angela Duckworth’s work on grit.


This is when I will constantly remind him of the values that are important to us. He understands despite his young age.


Don’t underestimate their ability to understand that cultivating good habits and values are important. Teach them when they are young.


I’m glad that I picked up those books. Hence I compiled and created the G Mindset.


Why do I share this with you?

Because today I understand the power of having the right values, habits and mindset. I want my son to have these values. I know it can bring the best out of him, having a head start in life and giving him a chance to maximize his potential. These will literally transform his life.

Studies show that EQ is a critical factor that differentiates star performers in life. As parents, you want your children to reach their fullest potential.

And as a parent, you too can make a huge difference for your child by making sure they grow up with these values and mindset. That’s why I created the Big B Mindset booklet. To help you and me on this journey.


About Me

Hi, I am Shan from Singapore. I’m a strong believer in having a grit mindset is one of the keys to one’s success in life and the importance of having the values and habits.

I experienced this first hand – grit, optimism (Good cheer), growth mindset.

I was considered an underperformer in my studies when I was in grade xx and went to a school which academically poor students attend. I did not give up myself but study hard (or in a smart way) through grit and optimism and score almost perfect score in my high school exam and pre-university exams. Subsequently, I won a government scholarship to study Chemical Engineering at University of Toronto and obtained a GPA of 3.91 out of 4 (top of the cohort).


All this achievement resulted from my perseverance. As described above, I understand the power of having the right values and habits. And I want to make sure you understand it too. I hope the Big G Mindset booklet will help you and your child along this incredible life journey.



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We sincerely hope you can find useful information in this website that will help you nurture your child to be the future leader.

Grit Mindset